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  • starvr

    StarVR headset review

    E3 this year has showcased a lot of VR material, from Oculus’ big debut of its new hardware – both HMD and “Touch” controls – to Sony’s Morpheus headset, which has been tearing it up at its booth. However Starbreeze Studios, the developer behind Payday 2 and A Tale of Two Brothers, announced recently that it too was working on

  • applewatch

    Ebay looking to take advantage of wearable adoption

    The wearable revolution that’s taking place as we speak is leading to a lot of companies jumping onto the bandwagon. Some of them are trying to crowd fund wearables, others are jumping right in and making their own and others still are looking to produce software for the growing audience of users. That latter group is the one that Ebay

  • oculuscv1

    Oculus shows off new motion controls at pre-E3 show

    Oculus VR’s big pre-E3 press event took place yesterday, where it told us a lot about upcoming developments with its VR technology. We learned about the hardware inside the consumer version (CV1) of the headset, we learned about the games that are going to be available for it, but most importantly, we learned about the new motion controllers. Originally called

  • oculuslogo

    Oculus Pre-E3 press briefing starts in a few hours

    Oculus VR is set to get the jump start on its E3 attention-competitors, by revealing some of the upcoming CV1’s features and other details about the company’s drive towards a consumer release, before the show even starts. Fortunately for those of us who cannot be present in person, Oculus is broadcasting the briefing live online via its main website and Twitch

  • smartfabric2

    Google may enter wearable game with smart fabrics

    Google has its fingers in just about every pie in the technological game, but it hasn’t made much of an inroad into wearables just yet. It has talked about smart contact lenses and it’s helped push Android Wear forward to let others develop life changing wearables for the marketplace, but it has yet to release any of its own products.