Acer shows off three new wearables at Computex

It seems like every man and his dog is getting in on the wearable game, as the Eastern trade show Computex has seen a number of different companies show off new wearable offerings. That includes PC industry giant Acer, which has debuted three of its own, called the Liquid Leap Active, Liquid Leap Fit and Liquid Leap Curve.

While all three come from the same range of products however, they are designed to appeal to different groups of people. For example, the Liquid Leap Active was created with a younger audience in mind and offers social functions, as well as activity tracking and sleep pattern monitoring. In comparison, the Liquid Leap Fit, while not too dissimilar to the active, has an advanced heart rate sensors. While this does bump the price up, it means there are more detailed tracking options for this particular wearable and it is able to utilise an onboard ‘stress sensor’ too, to detect when the wearer could do with relaxing themselves.


The third new wearable, the Liquid Leap Curve, has a quite different design to the other too, as it features a curved display. It has the same functionality as the Fit, but with its 1.4″ touch-screen it gives a bit more room for interaction with the device and offers a better display for showing statistics and information while on the go.

All three wearables will also come with a companion smartphone application which can give the user more information about their stats and patterns, which makes it easier to adjust habits or life style choices More features and details will be announced for the new wearable range in the coming months. Battery life has yet to be determined.

All three of the new wearables will be made available later this year, though pricing information has yet to be announced.