Cuff: Bringing Technology and Fashion Together

It’s no secret that wearable technology is sweeping the tech industry at a momentous pace. Gadgets such as watches, fitness bands, glasses, and the like cater towards function than form more often than not. Seldom does wearable technology focus on the design aspect from a fashion-forward or trendy perspective. For those of you who are more selective about your style, then Cuff may have the answer.

The Lowdown

Cuff is a Bluetooth capable jewelry line that doubles as a safety alert. Cuff Founder, Deepa Sood created the jewelry when she realized the need to incorporate style with functionality in wearable tech. It comes in a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and key chains with multiple textures and finishes which can connect to its app.  To appeal to both men and women, the line is meant to be unisex. Encompassed in each piece is a “CuffLinc” which is the alert system and the heart of Cuff. The Cufflinc can be interchanged between pieces inconspicuously. This makes it appealing as the wearer can alternate between jewelry designs with ease. When the user pushes Cuff, a network of designated users will be alerted.  If the users within the network are wearing a Cuff, it will vibrate. In addition, those without a Cuff will receive the location of the individual who sent out the alert via their phone.


In a male-dominated consumer base, Cuff offers women a chance to be a part of wearable tech and in conjunction actually appreciate the design of what they are wearing. The variety and design of the Cuff makes it the first of its kind in wearable technology. Cuff offers users the chance to appreciate technology in a more aesthetic capacity. Cuff can be programmed for a variation of alerts such as, one tap for family, two taps for friends, etc. Battery life is constructive as it lasts up to a year. The device is waterproof which makes it even more convenient. Cuff can be loaded with important information such as: blood type, insurance, and allergy information in the event of an emergency, thus making it alluring for elderly family members as well.


To date, Cuff’s sole function is that of an alert to those in its network. It does not offer any fitness or health benefits like bands such as Fitbit and UP24 by Jawbone. In a world where gadgets are essentially expected to be multifunctional, the singular purpose Cuff seems underwhelming. Though there are 18 different designs to choose from, Cuff is taste specific, therefore may limit itself to a more specific demographic rather than a larger one. Being that it is Bluetooth enabled, one must have Internet connection to sync with the device, therefore setting up the potential of not being able to receive an alert due to poor connectivity. Currently there are images of the jewelry products however; real-time demonstration of the Cufflinc technology or app has yet to occur. Moreover, there has been no mention of precautions taken in the event that the Cufflinc is pressed by mistake. Lastly, the coin battery is not replaceable, thus a Cuff owner would have to purchase another Cufflinc for $25 annually.

The Takeaway

Though it has no fitness capabilities, as of yet, Cuff is an eye appealing wearable that focuses on personal security. Whether you are trying to get out of an awkward social situation, meeting up with a friend for coffee, or in need of immediate help, Cuff has got you covered. Ranging from $25-$125, makes it affordable and ideal as it functions as both jewelry and security alert. You can preorder your cuff today with the expectation of receiving it in the fall. Armed with more than $400,000 of investment seed money from Tandem Capital, Sood and team are in talks with fashion retailers for licensing of CuffLinc to further technological development, proving that the company could potentially prove to be a formidable contender in wearable technology.