Disappearables – The Latest Buzzword In The Mobile Industry

I know, I know.
We’ve written about modular mobile phones, smart clothing with adaptable mobile phone technology, wearables and now we’re mentioning disappearables. By now you’re probably thinking none of this stuff is real. Let me assure you however that they are.

A quick run down of terminology. Smartables or smart clothing is trousers, jackets and trainers which can either generate electricity, include sensors for reporting or gadgets to work with other tech. Wearables are watches, ear plugs or wristbands that aren’t worn on clothing but the body instead.

These could include etattoos and vocal sensors attached to the skin. Hearables are a sub set of wearables, just ear related. So what about disappearables? Here’s several ideas put forward that could appear in the near future. Especially if they crack the ability to power microchips from
heat and electricity derived from the body.

1. Eyes: “Are you looking at me?” is a famous mafia film line, ok it’s “talking” but it works with this. While we’ve all heard of Google Glass, what if contact lenses could be powered by the eye ball and flash update within so you can see.Interacting with your mobile phone? It’s being worked on already.

2. Ears: Scientists know the ear plays a much bigger part in human functions than just hearing alone. Without the internal workings we’d lose our balance and imagine, all those people who believe they hear voice in their head? Well we could all be doing exactly that with microchips behind or in our ears.

3. Ingestion: For a while not those crazy docs have been getting us to swallow a variety of sensors that can not only look inside our stomachs and bottoms, but also test for a variety of diseases and complications. In the future this technology may be much, much smaller and may even be made to reside in our stomachs forever, constantly reporting on the bacteria wars going on.

4. Teeth: For a century we have been visiting the dentist for fillings to show up tooth sensitivity and halt decay. For almost half that time spies have been fitted with suicide pills. Click your tongue on the top of your mouth while it is shut. You heard it right? What if we put microchips in our teeth to hear instead of the ear? There are also a variety of other sensors we could place there for health reasons.

5. Skin: The bigger breakthrough is being able to charge microchips and other very small devices from the heat of our skin. But not only that, we can monitor heart beat and fluctuations in temperature as well as get live updates on brain and heart pacemakers.

6. Only Health & Fitness? Obviously the majority of disappearables would probably pertain to health and reporting. But if that allows a human race to be fitter and more aware, all the better. It is conceivable that games and toys may evolve around edible disappearables.

I’m going to coin a new phrase for smart clothing as it doesn’t fit in with the rest yet. We have smartables, wearables and now disappearables that will change the face of mobile phones forever. And not just in the distant future but now and within a year or two. It really is exciting how technology is getting so much smaller and faster, soon we’ll need magnifying glasses to be able to use them! Unless of course the contact lens will magnify them into sight automatically…