Faux-future wearables show up in banking ad

If you didn’t think wearables were going mainstream, think again. When a banking advert can take some Google Glass like headsets and parody them in order to make a point about its products, we’ve officially arrived: people around the world know what a wearable is.

The advert isn’t anything we haven’t already seen before with people taking the mick out of Google Glass wearers (the Glasshole moniker often featuring in the title), but it shows a fear of the future that people have had with wearables for some time. It’s one where we have become oblivious to our surroundings and apparently incompetent at basic tasks too.

The advert shows a family sitting down for a meal – with a very traditional view of the two different sexed children, the mother cooking and serving the dinner etc. – with all members wearing a Google Glass like headset. The mother is distracted by her display and keeps missing the plates with the food, whilst the husband shouts “go away” at whatever pop-up has just appeared in front of him. The young girl is frantically trying to post pictures of her food, hashtaging it all for good measure and the the son is engrossed in some kind of game.

Obviously the point of the advert is that with wearables on, no one will pay attention to each other any more, but that seems like a future we’re already a part of with smartphones. Too often you’ll see tables of people all staring down at their personal screens. At least with a wearable headset, you’d have someone looking at you, even if part of their vision is taken up by their display.

Ironically the advert is partly designed to get you to download the bank’s new mobile app, which comes with all sorts of features that will have you staring down at your screen – thereby being just as social as the clumsy and distracted people in the above video.

However, it’s worth considering what this advert means for Google. If a random banking company can use it as the punchline of a joke, while it’s clearly become part of public knowledge, but not in a favourable way. It will be interesting to see if this leads to Google redesigning the headset. It already seemed like a more consumer friendly and less nerdy looking alternative was required, but perhaps with ads like this we’ll see even more of a change.