Ibiza hotels ditch keys for wearables

Looking to the future to improve security and make the hotel experience that bit easier for customers, two hotels on the island of Ibiza have announced that they’re replacing room keys with wearables, that can also double as a customer’s credit card too.

The little bracelets are being termed Smart VIBs, or very important bracelets and they allow guests to enter their rooms and pay for food and services within the hotel without carting around a credit card. They can even be used to skip the lines for checking in and out of the hotel.

The reasoning behind their creation, was that with so many water sport opportunities around and in the hotels, guests might not want to carry around their wallet and keys with them. Changing it up to a simple bracelet makes it easier for everyone and frees up guests to relax.


The one downside to them is that guests do need to buy them and at £25 a pop, they might not be too popular. However, to make up for that, the Hard Rock is also giving anyone with a VIB the chance to use the on-site Rock Spa and Zentropia Palladium and Wellness Spa for free and you’ll also have access to specialised payment services for anything out of the ordinary.

There’s also a kid version for your little ones and it’s cheaper, at just 19 euros a pop. There’s even free ice cream and fizzy drinks thrown in for those that have them on, though you might not want to give your kids quite that much free reign.

If you do want to give the bracelets a try, you’ll need to stop off at one of two specific hotels. They are the Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel and the newly built Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza