MetaWatch Meta: A definite eye-candy designed by Nuovo

MetaWatch is coming out with a new line of smart watches they call Meta.

MetaWatch Meta shows that the company is listening to its customers.  The company has finally gotten rid of its old display, which was hard to read because of its low contrast.  The new Meta sports a high-resolution screen that makes use of e-paper technology.

The result?  Even under the direct glare of the sun, what’s on the screen is easy to see and read.

Other than that, the new Meta seems to have no ground-breaking new features.  Buyers will still have the same convenient experience that they had with the earlier MetaWatch Strata and the MetaWatch Frame.

To wit, MetaWatch Meta works well with devices that run on Android 2.3 and iOS version 6 and the newer versions of both mobile operating systems, but you would need a device that has Bluetooth version 4.0 to make sure that you get to access all the features and functionalities included in MetaWatch.  So, yes, you do not have to wait for the excruciating slow Apple to come out with an iWatch while you drool over your friend’s Samsung or Sony smartwatches.


From the time that their first smartwatches were introduced to the market, MetaWatch has always been bent at helping people lessen the amount of time they spend staring at smartphone screens, and at allowing them to interact more with the people they are with.  And to do just that, MetaWatch relies on notifications.

MetaWatch Meta gives you four different notifications:

  1. Text Messages – Allows you to see if you have received a new SMS message and read it on your wrist without taking out your phone.
  2. Incoming call – Allows you to check who is calling at a glance so that you could decide if you ought to take the call or not.
  3. Link Loss Alert – Low battery alert for your smartphone.
  4. Weather – Get accurate and up-to-the-minute weather updates for any region, country or city.

With each notification type, you have the option to view the content as they come.

Widgets to add more functionality

You can add more functionality to these notifications by adding widgets and functions.  You have fully customizable screens that you can arrange as you prefer.  From clocks, to stock prices, to weather updates, to calendars, you could all see them now just by glancing at your wrist.  You do not have to fumble through your bag or pocket to take out your smartphone, find the right app and launch it.  All the important information are easily accessible from your wrist.  This means that you can keep up with all the information that is important to you without having to interrupt a business meeting and even without ignoring your significant other or your kids.

Easy to set up and manage

MetaWatch smartwatches are easy to manage.  Just download the MetaWatch application on your iOS or Android device and use Bluetooth 4.0 to pair your smartphone and your watch.  The app will also help you customize and manage your smartwatch in no time.

Attractive and sleek, a definite eye-candy

It is difficult not to talk about how eye-catching the MetaWatch Meta is.  We all know just how feature packed and functional these smartwatches are.  We have seen it with Strata and Frame, where utility took center stage.  But with Meta, the company is actually taking that functionality and combining it with a sleek design.  The aesthetics of the new Meta smartwatches is the work of Frank Nuovo who used to design for Nokia and Vertu.

MetaWatch announced its partnership with Nuovo in February 2013, wherein MetaWatch CEO Bill Geiser noted that the collaboration will help them come up with exquisitely designed yet functional wearable technology that are also objects of desire.

Nuovo made use of premium metals, leather and other first-class materials for the new smartwatches, along with top-notch craftsmanship.  Meta comes in an assortment of designs and colors. And with that, the smartwatch turned from fugly to fashionable.

It is about time too.  The market has long been flooded with ugly and clunky smartwatches from different manufacturers.  Functionality is what most smartwatch manufacturers focused on, and not the fashionable aspect to it.  They did not go the extra mile to make people, including fashionistas, want to wear their smartwatches.  Now the tide has turned.  MetaWatch’s move is not the first and only.  So far, Pebble is also giving its smartwatch a makeover with Pebble Steel.  Pebble is now working with a metal look, and comes with a metal or leather strap.

Finally we have smartwatches you would die to wear no matter whether you are in a business suit, or in casual clothing.

Comfort and style

But more than the stainless steel casing, leather bands and premium materials incorporated into the design, MetaWatch and Frank Nuovo also took pains to make the new Meta a whole lot more comfy to wear.  Nuovo moved the pivot points to the middle of Meta, right next to the buttons, so that the watch would adjust better to your wrist.  This means that you no longer have to feel like you are being chained to your smartwatch.

How much?

The pricing for the new MetaWatch Meta is yet to be released, but granting that both the Strata (at £110) and the Frame (at £140) are much more expensive than Pebble smartwatches, it is reasonable to expect that the Meta would be pricier than Pebble’s £150 price tag for its Pebble Steel.

The Metawatch Meta allows you to keep track and monitor all the information that is important to you without having to lose your focus in what you are doing, in your environment and the people around you.  All these while also making sure that you have a watch that you could wear without your friends pestering you about it because it either looks weird or unprofessional.

With more and more wearable devices coming out, it is no longer enough for it to have killer functionality.  It should also have killer looks.

And Meta gives you both!


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