Microsoft has an incoming wearable

Microsoft is set to unveil a new and high-end wearable in the next few weeks according to sources at Forbes. Can you guess what it is? Considering the recent trends with wearables, we went through a big phase with fitness bands and as of late it’s been all about smartwatches, so what do you think Microsoft has been working on?

Of course, it’s a smartwatch.

According to sources close to its development, Microsoft’s new wearable gadget will work like its competitors, offering smartphone like functions on your wrist, along with basic health tracking metrics like heart rate and temperature. However what does differentiate it a bit, is that Microsoft is said to be making it cross-platform compatible, so iOS, Android and Windows Phone users should be able to make use of it.

This gives it a much better chance of adoption than those that stick to just a single platform, simply because it gives it a larger audience. On top of that, Microsoft has plans to release it before Apple’s Smartwatch – which has now been pushed back to 2015 – by releasing it during the Christmas period.

Windows Phone hasn't reached anywhere close to the acceptance of iPhones or Android handsets

Windows Phone hasn’t reached anywhere close to the acceptance of iPhones or Android handsets

Other suggested features include a large battery life that can push the device to last for around two days, giving it a big advantage over the competition. However there’s still a long way to go to make it perfect, as many wearables without smartwatch functions can last for weeks at a time. Apple’s smartwatch, just like Samsung’s Gear watches will require charging every day.

It will be very interesting to ‘watch’ to see how Microsoft fairs with this product, as historically it’s been quite hit and miss with new hardware lines. It didn’t take the world by storm with tablets when it launched those in the early 2000s, it failed to pick up the same kind of steam as other Mp3 player manufacturers with its Zune range and its latest tablet/laptop split Surface products haven’t exactly wowed audiences either.

Granted its Xbox platform has been far more successful and Kinect, despite not being particularly useful has also seen reasonable levels of adoption. Whether Microsoft can compete with the other big wearable makers, without the backing of a dedicated smartphone audience remains to be seen.

How do you guys think it will do?