The Moment Smartwatch Looks Set to Become Next Crowdfunding Hit

It probably hasn’t gone unnoticed to the developers of the Moment Smartwatch that their company name—Momentum Labs—seems rather apt based on the resounding success of their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Smashing their initial goal of $100,000 USD, the device has now accumulated over $300,000 USD in backer contributions with more than a week still left to go before the campaign finishes. Clearly, this is a device that has grabbed people’s attention, and truthfully it’s not difficult to see why nearly two thousand Moment Smartwatches have already been sold as part of the campaign.

Given that there are a whole host of smartwatches on the market at present, it’s important for a new device to have some sort of selling point that’s immediately obvious to potential customers. This might be a novel input method, or it might be a particularly arresting look that the watch possesses. What makes the Moment Smartwatch such a special device is that it not only has both these qualities, but they work alongside one another. The wide bracelet-like form factor of the device both gives it a rather stunning bit of wrist appeal, as well as allowing users to interact with the device in a way that’s quite unlike any other smartwatch on the market.

The watch sports a 360° touch surface that covers much of its outer body. This gives the device a huge amount of real estate that its users have at their disposal to interact with it, negating some of the issues that other smartwatches have with fiddly interfaces. Mockup images published as part of the Kickstarter campaign for the device demonstrate its size via comparison to the screen space of the iPhone, but what really sells the appeal of having so much space for you to interact with is the keyboard that’s been employed. Taking up just the right amount of the surface of the watch such that the entire keyboard is facing you when its in use, it’s really one of the most compelling solutions to smartwatch typing that we’ve seen from any device thus far. As the designers of the watch say themselves, solutions like stock messages and voice control have their place, but for some people there simply isn’t any replacement for a full scale keyboard. You’ll scarcely notice any difference to typing on your phone, save for the curved surface, and that’s perhaps the highest praise that a smartphone keyboard can hope to achieve.

Moment Smartwatch 2

Of course, it’s not just the keyboard that impresses with this device. The entire user interface has a beautifully realised black and white aesthetic that gives the Moment Smartwatch a real sense of identity. Instead of aping other success stories, everything about this watch from its hardware to its UI has been refined to a really impressive degree. You’d think that it was a product that had been iterated upon for years, rather than a new device that hasn’t even hit the market yet. There’s no doubt that there will be continued work done to improve it even further before it hits the public, especially given the resources that Momentum Labs have at their disposal thanks to the huge success of their crowdfunding campaign.

As far as the functionality of the device goes, what’s been shown off thus far is largely standard smartwatch staples—although the sheer breadth of what the device can do does deserve some praise. There’s all your basic notification features, lovingly crafted to best benefit the size and capabilities that the screen offers. Beyond that, there’s a slick method of remotely controlling camera functions to make sure you get the perfect shot every time, as well as a novel app that displays up to date scores whenever your sports team play, and a spartan but very functional music player. All in all, it’s a watch that does everything that you’d want it to out of the box, as well as having the capacity to grow over the course of its lifespan if it receives that development support that you’d think it has already earned.

It’s rather incredible to see what’s already been accomplished with the Moment Smartwatch, given that it was only conceived back in April 2013. In little more than a year, it’s gone from being a novel idea to a functioning product that looks set to carve out a sizeable niche amongst strong competition in the field of smartwatches. It’s a blend of form and function that makes this such a strong product, and that ethos is something that is noticeable in every facet of the device. Of course, it’s the aesthetics of the watch that will turn heads at first, but the more you look into what the device can do you’ll soon see that it’s much more than a pretty face. For instance, the large screen size might have you worried about battery life, but that’s something that the designers of the device have been sure to take care of. In fact, a proprietary curved battery has been developed specifically for the watch that will last for thirty days of normal use—seriously impressive for this sort of device.

People are already very excited about what this device has to offer, and it looks very feasible that its blockbuster campaign on Kickstarter is just the start of a major success story. If you want to get on board and be one of the first to get your hands on the Moment Smartwatch, there’s still time to take advantage of reduced early bird rates by backing the product on Kickstarter. For just $188 USD, you can reserve one of the first devices to hit the market and receive a complimentary charging cradle for doing so—the price of both devices combined at retail with be $249 USD. The watch is available in two main colour schemes; black on silver or white on gold, as well as the Kickstarter exclusive black on black variant. This could very well be a device that shifts the focus of the entire smartwatch market, so it’s certainly something to keep an eye on over the coming months. Expect to hear a lot more about the Moment Smartwatch as we head into 2015.