Nudge offers dashboard for wearables

One of the things you find out about wearable users, is that they often don’t just stick to one. Often times, you’ll find a runner will use an application that tracks certain aspects of their exercise, with a wearable on their wrist and perhaps another back at home for keeping an eye on their posture. All of these can give you a lot of information about yourself and your exercise, but checking each of them in turn can be a pain. Nudge however offers a new solution for that: a dashboard that collates all the information from your wearables and puts them in an easy to access place.

As TechCrunch explains, Nudge is currently doing rather well for itself, despite being a pretty new development. It’s in the process of raising funding to the tune of $1.3 million in a Series A round. For this it of course needed a proof of concept, which is why it’s app is already iOS and Android compatible and works with a variety of fitness trackers from the likes of Fitbit, Strava, RunKeeper, Jawbone, Map my Fitness, Sleep as Android and a number of others. It can take the information from all of them, combined with manual inputs like food and water intake, to give you a comprehensive breakdown of your fitness and health.



The idea is, that all of this data makes it easier to track your progress, but more than that, it also gives you a score, which you can then compare with friends (and enemies) to see who’s the fittest, according yo your wearables. There’s also “clubs” within the app to find those with similar scores or interests, who you can then compete with on a regular basis.

Unfortunately there are some teething issues to sort out, such as the problem with it not tracking passive and active wearables at the same time. For now, it’s limited to one or the other simply because of the way they syncrhonise with smartphones.

Nudge co-founder Mac Gambill explained: “Nudge can integrate with passive and active trackers (I use Fitbit and Runkeeper), but Moves is different as it actually classifies different types of activities. We will be launching an update this fall which will better handle data sync and include additional integrations.”

Despite its flaws though, Nudge is being hailed as a necessary tool to give us more comprehensible data, as as it stands, the number of wearables is growing along with adoption and making sure we use all of the information they give us can be quite difficult, especially for those that want the most accurate results possible.