Oculus Pre-E3 press briefing starts in a few hours

Oculus VR is set to get the jump start on its E3 attention-competitors, by revealing some of the upcoming CV1’s features and other details about the company’s drive towards a consumer release, before the show even starts. Fortunately for those of us who cannot be present in person, Oculus is broadcasting the briefing live online via its main website and Twitch channel, and it’s now just a few hours away.

Set to take place at 10AM PT, or 5PM GMT, the stream will run for two hours, during which it’s expected that we’ll not only be given a heads up about the potential hardware improvements that have been made to the CV1 over previous iterations of the headset like the DK2 and Crescent Bay, but also potential software developments too. It’s known that Oculus is working with several third party studios to develop games and experiences for the Rift, but it also recently launched its own film studio, which is specifically building movie-like experiences for the platform.


We may also learn a little more about the specifications required by a system that is expected to power the consumer Rift. So far we know that due to the high refresh rate and HD+ resolution that the new headset will need to output at, it will require at least a GTX 970 or R9 290 to keep it running at acceptable (to avoid nausea) frame rates.

This will also be the first stream featuring Oculus’ newly designed logo. While initially it was the shape of an eye, with a blue centre, it’s now been changed to a more neutral, less big-brother like emblem featuring a rounded corner rectangle or a straight edged oval depending on your view on the world.

Keep your eyes on wearable, as we’ll have a story shortly detailing everything that Oculus unveils in the event.