Oculus VR releases SDK 0.42 beta

Oculus VR has been busy since it started posting out its Rift DK2 kits earlier this year, with production ramping up week after week to the point where now late June pre-orders are being shipped. Before long my own 3rd July order should come through, but in the mean time Oculus’ team is still beavering away making the software development kit that bit better for everyone.

In the latest version, 0.42, it’s added three new major features and fixed up a bunch of bugs that were causing people issues. First up is the new OVRServiceLauncher service, which helps resolve the issue with the service not launching automatically. There’s also a new chroma setting, which should improve chromatic aberration correction when configured through the Oculus utility. For the rest of us, that means that if the focusing and colouring isn’t quite right, there’s a new chroma setting that might help sort it out.

For those worried about somehow burning out the screen or damaging the lenses through long periods of exposure, there’s also a new “Riftsaver” mode which will turn the display off when not in use for an extended period.

Don't forget to (not) read the license agreement

Don’t forget to (not) read the license agreement

Other bug fixes and tweaks include fixing the randomly crashing latency tester – though this requires a firmware update as well as an SDK one – and the lag has been fixed in the configuration utility if the service suddenly stops. On top of that, Oculus has removed the ATL references from the Win32 LibOVR display code and fixed full core utilisation of the config. utility when in desktop mode.

The Unity Engine, in all its wonders, still has the odd bug in it too, so Oculus also put some time into making it more compatible. For example, there shouldn’t be any more crashes or corruption when you try and use a 64bit client with a 32 bit service. Likewise, the NulRefrenceExceptions shouldn’t rear their ugly head any more thanks to Oculus’ efforts and there should no longer be any camera stutter during TimeWarp, though it’s not guaranteed.

You can download the update now from the official Oculus site, though of course you’ll need a development kit 2 to see all the benefits.

Do any of you guys have a DK2 on the way? Mine should be here shortly, so expect a fair few updates on what we think and what some of the best demos out there are, when it arrives.