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  • steamcrew

    Steam Crew wins top honours at Oculus VR jam

    Oculus VR, the company that was founded by virtual reality pioneer Palmer Luckey, was handing out awards to VR developers last week, where those with the most promising titles in the works were granted cash to help them continue their projects through to completion. Some of the highlighted games include already lauded VR experiences like Technolust, but most are new on

  • miband2

    Xiaomi becomes world’s second biggest wearable seller

    Although Apple has brought in thousands and thousands of orders for its new Apple Watch range, it’s still not close to topping the kingpins of the industry. However one company is and that’s Xiaomi, which has through its efforts this year, secured the second place trophy as the world’s second largest wearable seller, just behind FitBit. According to new data

  • oculus

    Oculus Rift used to diagnose balance issues

    Do you struggle with your balance? If you do, you are far from the only one, but diagnosing that can often be a little bit difficult. However that may be about to change, as one doctor has pioneered a new method of diagnosing issues with a patient’s balance by utilising an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. The technique was pioneered

  • liquid2

    Acer shows off three new wearables at Computex

    It seems like every man and his dog is getting in on the wearable game, as the Eastern trade show Computex has seen a number of different companies show off new wearable offerings. That includes PC industry giant Acer, which has debuted three of its own, called the Liquid Leap Active, Liquid Leap Fit and Liquid Leap Curve. While all

  • fitnesstracker

    Jawbone is suing Fitbit

    Jawbone and Fitbit are two of the biggest names in the wearable industry, so the fact that one is suing the other is rather big news. According to court documents filed in San Francisco, Jawbone is taking Fitbit to task over what it claims was a “systematic plundering,” of its ideas, intellectual property and trade secrets by Fitbit employees. On