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  • Disappearables – The Latest Buzzword In The Mobile Industry

    I know, I know. We’ve written about modular mobile phones, smart clothing with adaptable mobile phone technology, wearables and now we’re mentioning disappearables. By now you’re probably thinking none of this stuff is real. Let me assure you however that they are. A quick run down of terminology. Smartables or smart clothing is trousers, jackets and trainers which can either

  • magicband2

    Disney’s new MyMagicBand+ will offer more function than ever

    Disney has been one of the earlier adopters of wearable technology, issuing its MyMagicBand system for hotel checkins, queue jumping and for other ways to pull money from your wallet, like virtual currencies. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though, as Disney is now looking to expand its MyMagic+ system with more than a billion dollars worth of investment. The

  • oculus

    Oculus founder sued for technology theft

    Perhaps we’ve been singing the praises of Oculus founder Palmer Luckey a little too early, or it could be an instance of people smelling success and hoping to tag along for the ride. In either case, Palmer Luckey, the young man who helped kickstart the current virtual reality revolution, is set to be sued – again. This time it’s by

  • fitbit2

    Do we need one app for all of our wearables?

    If you’re an early adopter of wearable technology, you may have picked up more than one since the different wristbands, headsets and other pieces of kit started hitting the market. The problem there, is of course along with the individual pieces of hardware, there’s also individual apps for every one of them. Fortunately though, for those struggling to keep up with

  • uniceflogo

    UNICEF wants to use wearables to aid the needy

    Wearables have a lot of different uses, from helping people stay in shape, to giving hotels and theme parks an easy way to let guests into their rooms. However children’s charity UNICEF wants to take things in a new direction. As part of its Wearables for Good Challenge program, it wants to encourage the development of wearable devices that can