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  • oculuscv1

    Oculus Rift recommended specifications released

    Although the Oculus Rift is a display device rather than a game, the developer, Oculus VR, has released a list of recommended specifications for those looking to order a consumer version of the VR headset early next year. The idea is to give developers something to aim for when creating their content for the VR headset and Oculus has pledged

  • armywearable

    China bans army from using wearables

    Even though many parts of the world are embracing wearable technology as a great way to improve fitness, efficiency and keep an eye on children and pets, there is one region which has shown a real disdain for it. China, while helping to manufacture many of the world’s most popular wearable devices, has banned the use of any smartwatches or

  • A lot of British workers are worried about wearables

    Even if the enterprise might be the best place for wearables to leave their mark, not everyone is happy about the idea of being forced into wearing one. In-fact, although the British public is becoming one of the biggest adopters of fitness trackers and smartwatches, when it comes to the workplace, as many as half of all employees consider being issued

  • jawbone

    Most insurers think wearables will be game changers

    Like telematics for the auto-insurance industry, wearable health trackers are considered a new exciting field of study and adoption for health insurers around the world. By keeping an eye on their customer’s health, they can better risk profile them and therefore give them better – or worse, depending on their rating – premiums, which are much more likely to be

  • cv1

    Oculus Rift consumer headset to ship in Q1 2016

    In the world of wearables, 2014 was the year of the fitness tracker and 2015 will be the year of the smartwatch if Apple has any say in things. 2016 then, could very well be the year of the VR headset, as along with several other companies pledging a virtual reality in that same year, Oculus VR has announced that