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    Employees and employers alike see wearables as a good thing

    Wearables might be fun for individuals to use as a way of keeping track of the time, checking notifications before picking up a handset or for logging activities, but some would argue that enterprises are the place where wearables can make the most difference. Fortunately then that seems to be something business owners are beginning to take on board, with

  • lens

    Smaller sensors may make wearables disappear

    The current landscape for wearables is an obvious one. Quite literally, as whether you look at Netflix’ joke smartwatch or Apple’s very real one, the displays, wristbands and visual stylings mean one of the very real points of a wearable is that it’s visible. But that may not be how they are in the future, as if we use our

  • tattoogate

    Apple admits tattoos cause problems with Watch heart monitoring

    The release of Apple’s smartwatch, the Watch, has brought a lot of attention to the wearable industry, but it’s also highlighted a lot of the problems with the latest generation of smart-trackers. While the battery life is one thing, with users claiming that it lasts no more than 18 hours with light usage, the other issue that’s arisen as of

  • gearwatch

    Samsung considering wearables for VR interaction

    How people interact with virtual worlds has been changing ever since they were created way back when. While initially they may have only existed in our minds, as computers have gotten more powerful, we’ve seen ever deeper and more visually impressive virtual worlds spring up. Lately too, we’ve felt like we’re there too, thanks to VR headsets like the Oculus

  • tencent

    Tencent has made its own wearable operating system

    It seemed clear from the start of this year that the wearable game was likely to be very reminiscent of the smartphone race from the past decade or so, with Apple and Google pitting their iOS and Android Wear respective products against one another and a few smaller, scrappy underdogs fighting it out in the wings. Perhaps not so though,