Samsung shows off new Gear wearables

Samsung has exploded into the limelight as a household technology name in recent years and it’s not about to let that public image slide and continues to release new products in all its various lines on a regular basis. Today sees the unveiling of two new wearables – why else would we be mentioning it? – the Samsung Gear S and the Gear Circle.

The first of these two is a new smartwatch, with standalone 3G and WiFi connectivity, meaning you don’t need to have it hooked up to your smartphone to have internet or wireless networking capabilities. This gives it much more of your average smartphone’s function, in a smartwatch package. You’ll be able to take calls, answer text messages or even potentially send data back and forth between the Gear S and other devices, whether you have your phone with you or not.


This is the big feature that Samsung is pushing with the wearable, which also features a curved, two inch, OLED display and a powerful 1GHz internal processor paired with 512MB of RAM, so there’s some meat to its back end.

“Samsung is leading the exciting and rapidly developing wearable category with continuous innovation that aims to enhance the lives of technology fans,” said director of the Mobile Division at Samsung, Ines Van Gennip.

The Gear S also has all the usual smartwatch functions, like a watch face, organiser, music playing ability and it tracks fitness functions, like steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled etc.

The other wearable being pushed by Samsung today is its Gear Circle, which for the non-buzzword lovers out there, is essentially a pair of headphones with what’s described as a smart neckband. The headphones themselves are of the in-ear variety, and are smart in that they not only operate as a bluetooth headset and music playing device, but can also be paired with your smartphone to allow for voice commands.

To hold it in place, Samsung has developed a clever magnetic lock, that means your headphones shouldn’t fall out while on a run or getting bustled in crowds. It also acts as a way to keep the headphones close when they’re not in use, as it can just hang around your neck without annoyance.

The Gear S is set to go on sale this October here in the UK, though we don’t have any concrete information on price as of yet. However, it’s rumoured that the Gear S could become the first £100 smartwatch, but that seems unlikely considering its powerful internals and curved display.

The release date for the Gear Circle has yet to be announced.

Thanks PCAdvisor, V3