Sony shows off new smart wearables

Smartwatches are the wearable of the day (or year) in 2015, with many analysts expecting the market to bring in a lot of new customers thanks to big pushes by the likes of Apple, Samsung and Microsoft to develop the technology this year. Another company that’s looking to build its wearable reputation and open up new markets for the technology is Sony, which this weekend announced its new wearables, the SmarWatch 3 and SmartBand talk, in India.

The SmartWatch 3 is the premium device designed to combat the big technological competitors on the scene. It’s the first Sony device to make use of the latest Android Wear software and is available in three different colours: silver, black and yellow – each of those coming with different material wrist bands.

Price at 19,990 Rs (£213) in the country, the Smarwatch comes with a built in Microphone, accelerometer, compass, gyroscope and GPS sensors, with all information displayed on a small 1.6 inch touchscreen device, designed specifically to be visible in bright sunlight. Storage space offered is 4GB and the device is waterproof up to a few metres, so can be used as a fitness tracker when swimming if desired.

The cheaper and less featureful SmartBand is designed to give people the ability to leave their handset in their pocket and still makes calls. It comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, which Sony claims can provide very high-quality audio thanks to HD voice support. How socially acceptable it is to have a phone call essentially on loud speaker in public however, remains to be seen. Good luck hearing someone in a crowded location.

Beyond the call function, there’s also metric tracking like fitness, which means it can log steps, distance travelled, heart rate and several other key points in exercise which can help you train harder and longer without over-exerting yourself, as well as keeping an eye on how you’ve performed over time.

It can even keep an eye on you while you’re asleep, giving you data on what your sleep is like, as well as giving you a gentle nudge to wake up when you’re feeling your freshest, rather than exactly when the alarm does.

Comparatively though, the SmartBand is much cheaper than its watch based cousin. It costs just 13,000 rupees, or around £140.

It does come in two different colour/band options: brown with a buckle system and black with a rubber slip on design.