Steam Crew wins top honours at Oculus VR jam

Oculus VR, the company that was founded by virtual reality pioneer Palmer Luckey, was handing out awards to VR developers last week, where those with the most promising titles in the works were granted cash to help them continue their projects through to completion. Some of the highlighted games include already lauded VR experiences like Technolust, but most are new on the scene. While there were many award winners however, the one that Oculus loved the most was Steam Crew, a game that puts you and a partner in a submarine in VR.

While it can be played alone, Steam Crew is designed with multiplayer in mind. One player handles the locomotion of the submarine, while the other mans the weapons. Since they both have different view points however, it can often involved shouted commands and fast antics, whereby parts of the ship must be fixed, obstacles dodged and enemies dispatched, all while in virtual reality.

There’s also treasure that needs to be collected, so there is a scoring element for those that like to get competitive, though those wishing to survive the depths will need to be careful, as there’s plenty that wants you dead in the deepest parts of the world.

Due to its potential for funny moments as well as fun action, Steam Crew was the Platinum game winner during the VR jam, which meant the developers netted $200,000 and a lot more support from Oculus VR to help bring the game to its Gear VR headsets. The developers already planned to create more content for the game, but with the money they will also look to expand the cockpits currently in the game, redesigning them for better interactivity, more detailed visuals and even allowing players to see one another while in-game.

Other games which netted decent cash rewards from Oculus include Night Cafe: An Immersive Tribute to Vincent Van Gogh, which won the Platinum app or experience and community choice award, earned its developers $110,000 to aid in its completion and Drift, which scored $100,000 along with DayDream Blue as part of the Gold games awards.

All of these games and more are playable thanks to their available builds. They can be viewed in their entirety here.