Uk is a big fan of wearables

When it comes to wearables, we’re well aware that the industry is set to grow a lot in the next few years, but what wasn’t quite apparent until now, was that part of the reason for that explosive growth was thanks to the UK, which according to the recent YouGov research, suggests that by next year one in 10 will own some sort of wearable device in the UK, with over 6 million people owning at least one wearable device by this time next year.

This doesn’t necessarily represent mass adoption of the technology right now though, but that it’s expected to boom in the next 12 months. As it stands, some 2.8 million people own wearable devices in the UK, but by the end of Christmas, that number is expected to almost double.

Russell Feldman, Director of Digital, Media and Technology at YouGov, said: “Wearable devices have been talked about as “the next big thing” in tech for a while now. Our figures suggest that the coming year is the time when the devices finally start to gain traction amongst a wider consumer audience. Crucial to this is the shift in the balance of the category from fitness bands to smart watches over the coming months. The Christmas period will mark the moment category finally moves the niche to the mainstream.”


When questioned about their potential buying habits, 13 per cent of those surveyed said that they would be interested in buying a wearable in the future. Almost half of those expected to do so in the next year, echoing YouGov’s predictions. And half of that group said they would be expecting to get one by Christmas.

When asked what type of wearable they would be interested in getting, around 40 per cent said that they planned to get a smartwatch, while a further third of respondents said they were more interested in a fitness band. Those figures aren’t particularly surprising as the most popular wearable devices at the moment tend to fall into one of those two categories. However, it does represent a rise in interest in smartwatches, as the current makeup of the wearable owners is dominated by fitness gadgets.

A further seven per cent of those asked said they would be looking to get some form of smartwear, which is a much more niche, but more nuanced group of wearables, with a bit more of a fashion focus.

Image sources: Jeanbaptisteparis, Intel Free press