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General Questions

  • What are your social media accounts?
  • How do I get in touch with Wearable UK?
    The best, easiest and fastest way to contact us is through our Contact Us page. You’ll just have to specify your name, email address (we will not publish, share or sell your email address to others), subject and message.You can also send (snail mail) your inquiries to, 47 Terminus Avenue, Bexhill, TN39 3LY, United Kingdom, call us on (+44)1424 214377, or email us at
  • Can I post comments and/or reactions to your articles and reviews? How?
    Yes. Everyone is free to post comments and share their reactions, suggestions, information, etc. If you want your comments to be personal or private, you can always contact us trough snail mail, email and phone.
  • Can I reprint, reproduce and/or republish your articles?
    Please contact us if you want to reprint, reproduce and/or republish any of the articles or reviews featured on our website. Feel free to contact and send us your inquiry regarding reprinting, reproduction and/or republishing of articles and reviews featured on Wearable UK.
  • How can I contribute a wearable technology review?
    We encourage our visitors to contribute reviews and share their wearable tech experiences with us. The reviews should be about wearable tech products that you have worn or tried out. We will not accept secondhand reviews or reviews that were passed on from another person. We value the integrity of the reviews we feature on our website. Likewise, we will accept only original reviews. We discourage contributors from copying wearable tech product reviews found online or in other sources.Send (snail mail) your reviews to, 47 Terminus Avenue, Bexhill, TN39 3LY, United Kingdom or email us at You may also want to check out our contact page  here.
  • How can I contribute information or tip to Wearable UK?
    Wearable UK welcomes contributions, tips and suggestions about wearable technology. Get in touch with us by completing the contact form here: may also send us at email at or send your suggestions and contributions to, 47 Terminus Avenue, Bexhill, TN39 3LY, United Kingdom.
  • How can I get additional information on a product I like?
    Check out our Reviews pages for more information about the products you have your eye on. Reviews are like feedbacks, they give you insights on how effective and useful a wearable can be – and if it is the right one for you. Most of our reviews are based on actual user experiences. We are not biased with our reviews.Wearable UK also has a page that features news about the latest wearable tech products. The articles in these pages can help you better understand the products that we feature and sell. Again, our main goal is to help you make better decisions and informed choices.
  • Do you publish gadget or wearable tech rumors?
    Yes! However, only established rumors or tips are publish. All information you will find on Wearable UK are verified and reliable. We do not publish rumors or tips just for promotional or commercial purposes. We do not rely on pure gossips alone.The articles published on Wearable UK feature the latest news in the wearable tech market. Our writers and experts do extensive research before they write about the products they feature or review. What we dish out are facts based on actual user experiences and backed-up claims.
  • Does Wearable UK sell the products they feature on the website?
    Yes! Wearable UK does direct selling of wearable tech products. Our e-commerce store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • How do I get my product featured and/or reviewed at this website?
    If you have a product that passes the wearable tech criteria, is highly functional, interesting and worth featuring or reviewing, contact Wearable UK through email, phone or snail mail. Our experts can try it out and make a review. To coordinate with us, simply send an email to or address your inquiries to, 47 Terminus Avenue, Bexhill, TN39 3LY, United Kingdom.  You may also choose to contact us via the form found on this page.
  • What kind of products do Wearable UK feature and review?
    Wearable UK features only the latest wearable tech products; the ones that make an impact in the market the minute they come out. A lot of study and research are done before a product is featured and reviewed.Most of the time, only wearable tech products that are guaranteed to interest the general consumers and technology users are given space in the website.Sometimes, Wearable UK also features soon-to-be launched wearables – products that are not yet available in the market but is expected to make some waves once they come out.
  • How do you review wearables? How do you choose which wearables to review?
    As previously mentioned, Wearable UK reviews new products as they come out. The products are tried out first before an actual review is written. If no product is available on-hand for testing, we do extensive research. The people behind Wearable UK are always on the lookout for the latest trends in wearable technology.
  • What is this website (Wearable UK) all about?
    Wearable UK is a venue where people can find the latest wearable tech products in the market. We also feature up-and-coming and soon-to-be launched wearables. The website has reviews and articles written by industry insiders and highly experienced tech lovers. These help users find useful information that can lead them to making better decisions and an informed purchase.Wearable UK tries out the latest wearable tech as they come out. This guarantees users and site visitors that the reviews posted in the website are based on actual user experience.The website is run by a group of tech lovers with comprehensive industry experience and a genuine passion for anything technology-related.
  • What is wearable technology?
    Wearable technology is a new set of highly advanced products that can be worn for a long period of time. These products come with circuitry that helps make the user experience exciting, unique and enhanced.Wearable technology is a smart technology. Products like smartwatches, sports bands, fitness bands, functional arms and even smart bras and smart wigs perform a variety of functions and applications. Most of these products even come with Internet or wireless connectivity.Because they are highly functional, wearable tech products are practical. When connected to smartphones, wearables can perform other functions. The smartphone often acts as a remote control once connected to a wearable through Bluetooth. The latest wearable products, however, are just as stylish and fashionable as they are functional.Wearable products are like our smartphones; they can do practically anything that they’re designed to do. Also called as wearable gadgets, these “fashionable” devices have motion sensors (that allow you to enjoy different functions like taking photos) and health & fitness information (via tracking). Most wearable tech products are clothes and accessories. To know more about wearable technology, you can read our in-depth article here.You can also read our reviews and articles to get a glimpse of some of the most popular wearable tech products in the market today.