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  • pebbletime

    Pebble Time review

    Pebble has been one of the few indie successes in the wearable game, which has quickly become dominated by large corporations with giant marketing and development budgets. You could even go so far as to say that Pebble helped create the wearable marketplace by being one of the first big name wearables and the fact that it came up through crowd

  • leaf

    Bellabeat Leaf review

    Making a wearable attractive and useful is the difficult task faced by many different developers around the world, but Bellabeat thinks it’s managed it and as you might expect with something with a more visual focus, it’s targeted it at a female audience. Features The Leaf is an activity tracker first and foremost, with the ability to keep an eye

  • thync1

    Thync mood changer review

    The old adage goes that emotions are the part of your sub-concious you can’t control and that while you can battle against them or try and keep them in check, you can’t really control how you feel. Except that’s exactly what the Thync purports to be able to do, with its creators suggesting it can motivate you or calm you

  • voyce

    Voyce dog health tracker

    Tracking the fitness of a human being is undoubtedly useful for individuals and for sports team coaches who want to keep an eye on what their players are doing on and off the field, but the fact that those people can say what they’ve been doing does limit the functionality of the devices, since someone diligent enough to manually record

  • charge

    Fitbit Charge HR review

    One of the problems with being a successful wearable developer, is that when you release a new product, it often has to compete with what you’ve released before. That’s the problem faced by Fitbit’s new Charge HR, which has to pit itself against he like of Fitbit’s own Surge wrist tracker, which wasn’t released that long ago. Perhaps Fitbit will