Alcatel OneTouch review

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The smartwatch game is heating up, with the likes of Apple, Microsoft and many more taking to the field in hopes of creating that killer wearable. Alcatel isn’t a company to be daunted by all of the big names though and is releasing its next product shortly. It’s called the Alcatel OneTouch and it provides a lot of smart functions, without the intimidating price tag.


Describing it with the tagline “this is not a watch,” Alcatel’s One Touch is a round faced, attractive looking smart wearable, that comes with the ability to give you notifications of calls and messages, along with summaries of skype or email previews, as well as social media updates at a glance. Hook it up to your phone and it can act as a remote control for functions like taking pictures, for that perfect group shot, or use it to control your music through he built in application.

Fitness tracking is possible too, with the ability to track calories, steps taken and distance travelled, as well as well as more advanced functions like location and heart rate – which are usually only found in more expensive devices. All of which is displayed on the 1.22“ IPS 240 x 204 pixels touch screen.

To make sure that your OneTouch doesn’t get destroyed at the first sign of rain, it’s waterproof up to a metre deep and is scratch and impact resistant.

Coming in four different styling options, the OneTouch charges via USB cable on the wrist strap, so there are no external ports. It supports both Android and iOS handsets and wirelessly connects over bluetooth 4.0 LTE.

Battery life is said to last 2.5 days before charging is required.



At the time of writing, the Alcatel OneTouch is available for pre-order for £140, making it far cheaper than a lot of its competitors.


Battery life is, for this device, as with many other wearables featuring displays, a problem. Lasting just 2.5 days is pretty poor when you consider non-screen-equipped wearables can go for weeks at a time. Alcatel isn’t much of a household name either, it’s going to have an uphill battle to be noticed alongside the likes of Apple and Microsoft.

Bottom Line

I like the look of the OneTouch. It has a unique OS and its multi-platform-support is a great feature that means its potential audience is enormous. The only question is whether it can draw in the crowds that would otherwise have purchased a wearable from one of the bigger names.