Apple Watch Edition review

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Although the Apple Watch has officially been launched, getting hold of one at the moment isn’t the easiest, but at least we know a little bite more about them. Enough to do a little preview-review anyway, which is why today we’ll be considering the features and bang for buck of the company’s most expensive smartwatch, the Apple Watch Edition.


The Apple Watch Edition comes in a baffling array of flavours, considering it’s already a niche part of the original Watch line up. There are eight models, each coming with a slightly different face, some bigger than others and some made with slightly different material. For example, there are 38mm and 42mm versions with a sport band, and an 18-carat rose gold casing, as well as the same size options with yellow gold instead. Other options include fancier wrist bands with buckles for a ‘few’ more pounds.

All of them however come in premium leather charging boxes, where they’ll need to be at least once a day since the battery is unlikely to last more than 12 hours with regular usage. That’s mostly down to the display, which come in various sizes and resolutions. The larger watches feature a 312×390 pixels display, whilst the smaller model has a more compact one running at 272×340 pixels.

Like many other smartwatches Apple’s product can link up your smartphone, providing heads up notifications about incoming calls, emails and text messages and there’s a whole host of applications that can be run, giving the user access to music, podcasts, fitness tracking, scheduling, payment systems like Apple Pay and maps, all on your wrist.

One of the more unique features also is the turn dial on the side, which accounts for much of the user input on the device, making up for the small size of the display. It takes some getting used to, but most seem quite enamoured with it after a while.



Cost and Availability

The biggest standout for the Apple Watch Edition is of course the cost, with prices ranging from £8,000 for the small, less elegant versions all the way up to an unprecedented £13,500 for the prettiest. Orders are expected to begin shipping in June this year.


The cost is the major one here. Clearly this range is priced to accommodate those that have enough money to make extravagant purchases without much thought, but there is no way that the produce justifies that sort of hefty price tag. It’s a status symbol, little more and arguable the rest – apart from the cheapest – of Apple’s Watches are the same.

Bottom Line

Massively over expensive, considering each of these watches price tags could also buy a car or put a deposit down on a house. Still, if the money is there and you are willing to spend extravagantly for a minor status symbol that will be outdated and worthless in two years, it’s doable.