Apple Watch review

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Much has been said about the Apple Watch since it was announced late last year, but while people might still be gobsmacked about how much you can spend on it, what it really boils down to is how good a product it actually is. Does it track your metrics well? Is it comfortable? Does it have all of the features you would want from a smartwatch?


The Apple Watch comes equipped with some of the usual functions of a smartwatch, such as an accurate timepiece for telling you what time it is, the ability to stream music, basic fitness tracking and integration with your smartphone that allows you to take calls and answer text messages sent to your device.

It has the ability to connect wirelessly over bluetooth and WiFi and has a 1.32 inch retina touch screen display, which while smaller than some of its rivals has a much higher resolution.

Much has been made of the range’s watch straps that you can choose from. While the sports range, with their silicon bands, will cost much less, thos paying a premium for the Apple Watch Edition, will get an 18 carat gold watch face and a fancy strap, which bumps the price up considerably. Those paying a premium will also receive extra support in store, a VIP queue and priority over other customers.


Cost and availability

You can pre-order the Apple Watch now from between £299 for the ‘sports’ version, all the way up to £950 for the mid-range model with a stainless steel face and strap. If you want to go the whole hog though and buy the Apple Watch Edition, you’ll be spending a whopping £12,000.


Surprisingly, for such an expensive wearable, the Apple Watch has a lot missing from it. There’s no GPS function and no cellular connectivity, no internal storage and of course the price makes this one of the most expensive wearables in the world. Unlike a lot of other wearables too, it can only connect to Apple’s iPhone and has a battery life that will see heavy usage drain it in less than a day.

Bottom Line

While it has yet to be released, the Apple Watch seems like an expensive, underpowered and restrictive wearable that will appeal to those that want to show off their disposable income. For anyone looking for a fully featured, well priced, competitive wearable, look elsewhere, as all the Watch looks set to do is segment the gadget loving community.