Basis B1 activity tracker review

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Another day, another activity tracking wearable. This one takes a lot of cues from the smartwatch realm of wearables, providing a large, easy to read display mounted on your wrist, giving you access to basic features, as well as all of the advanced ones offered by the tracker, whenever you want.


While not a feature per-say, Basis is a company that was acquired by CPU giant Intel earlier this year, which should show that this is a company people have confidence in. Most of that confidence you’d expect, would come from the Basis B1 activity tracker, or at least patents associated with it.

Basis calls the B1, the world’s “most advanced health tracker,” pointing out that no expense was spared on implementing the best sensors available to deliver the most accurate data of any health tracker. The B1 keeps an eye on your sleep patterns, distance travelled, steps taken, calories burned and can even tell what type of activity you’re taking part in, be it cycling, running or walking.

All of this is captured through a number of different sensors, including ones that track heart rate through optical blood flow, a three axis accelerometer and perspiration monitor and the B1 takes skin temperature readings too. All of this combined, gives the tracker a very in-depth look at you as you perform your daily activities.

However as impressive as the sensors and data gathering abilities of the B1 are, it’s the backend software that really separates it from the others. The B1 app will take all the data you send it and then make small suggestions on how you can improve. It might be to get an extra half hour of sleep, or to try and go for a walk during the day on top of your usual exercise. You can even ask the app what to do based around certain goals that you have.



Unlike many wearables, the Basis B1 is available now at a flat rate charge of $149 (£89), though you can pay an extra $35-$50 for different wrist straps. As standard it comes with one made from carbon steel and free shipping.


One activity that I see no mention of on the B1 website is swimming. There’s also no word on whether the B1 is water resistant, so it seems like it may not be so good when it comes to taking a dip in the pool. That’s a real shame, as otherwise it seems like a very well rounded wearable fitness tracker.

Bottom Line

I actually really like the B1. It’s affordable and offers most of the features of the average wearable tracker, taking it to a new level with its back end software application. However, it’s a real shame that swimming couldn’t be added. Perhaps that’s something Basis could consider for a Mark II.