Bellabeat Leaf review

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Making a wearable attractive and useful is the difficult task faced by many different developers around the world, but Bellabeat thinks it’s managed it and as you might expect with something with a more visual focus, it’s targeted it at a female audience.


The Leaf is an activity tracker first and foremost, with the ability to keep an eye on distance travelled, calories burned, steps taken and your pace, letting those that run, cycle and horse ride have a better idea of what their exercise is doing and what they are achieving. It can also keep an eye on your sleep patterns, letting you know if you aren’t getting enough rest.

However the Leaf isn’t just a passive recorder, it’s also quite active. If you are feeling stressed, you can follow one of its breathing routines to try and calm yourself down. It can also give you reminders of important events like your upcoming period, or whether it’s time to take your pill. These can be delivered in discrete vibration form, letting you covertly know what time it is without informing those around you.


And on top of all this, the Leaf is an attractive piece of jewellery that can be worn on the wrist, neck, lapel or collar. It also comes in a couple of different versions, one solid wood variant and another with a premium gold finish that uses a higher quality Marshwood.

Battery life is six months at a time with no charging required (or possible, since it uses a circular battery) and it has up to 14 days worth of memory, so you only need to sync it every couple of weeks.

Cost and availability

At the time of writing, the Leaf is available for pre-order only, as the first batch has been sold out. The second has only 32 per cent left, so those wanting to get in on it will need to do so soon. It is currently priced at just shy of $120 (£78).


The fact that it is female focused does limit the Leaf’s audience, but it is also more applicable to women than any other wearable because of it. It is also missing a screen, but that is what gives it the long battery life.

Bottom Line

The Leaf seems like an excellent wearable to bring the technology into an entirely new marketplace, but whether it’s limited itself by appealing only to women remains to be seen.