Biobeats Breathing Stone review

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Update: We’ve been contacted by Biobeats who informed us that the Breathing Stone does come with headphones.

Picking a song to listen to based on your mood isn’t always the easiest of tasks. Often you need to search by album, or artist, or genre, which means you need to have some idea of what mood you’re in and what song that translates to. Perhaps then, a much better method would be for an algorithm to create a song for you, based off of metrics tracked by a wearable device. That’s what Biobeats is all about.


Biobeats is part product manufacturer, part philosopher, with the founders looking to use music to create a system that can track your stress levels, bringing up certain musical styles and tracks that might calm you in the event of your stress levels reaching dangerous heights. The idea is to combine musical outlets with optical sensor which can detect when you are getting too stressed. At that point, that music will automatically kick in to help bring down those stress hormone levels.

While this is a wearable system that is unlikely to have immediate effects on your life, it could in the long term keep you alive a lot longer.

How does it do that? By using the user’s unique heart beat to create music that is mapped to that heart rate. That means that beyond reducing stress levels, the app could be used for dancing, exercising or a variety of other high-intensity activities, as the music will stick with the user and keep changing the tempo, genre and beat to be in line with the user’s activities.

All of this technology is being pushed into the Biobeats Breathing Stone, which takes your vital signs and turns them into music.

Cost and availability

At the time of writing, the Breathing Stone is still in the prototyping phase, with early versions of the hardware going out to some particular testers to see how well it benefits them. If all goes to plan, we may be looking at something like this being launched next year.


The emphasis on a speaker over headphones may cause some issues with people, as society has graduated towards personal listening experiences in recent years. There is also the fact that you’ll need to sell people on the idea of generated music over pre-recorded tracks, which is never an easy one.

Bottom Line

I really like the idea of the Breathing Stone as a passive piece of tech in your home. I’d want it hooked up to a wrist mounted wearable though rather than touching it directly, but it’s certainly a technology I’ll be keeping an eye on.