BioHarness 3 review

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Most wearable fitness and activity trackers strap to your wrist, or attach to your clothes like a small brooch. That’s all well and good for those that want to use it for personal fitness reasons, but what about those taking part in high-impact sports? Those little devices suddenly become dangerous to the eyes or other vital areas of athletes. Their fitness trackers need to be more well hidden and potentially, more accurate, as they’re operating in a professional capacity. That’s where the BioHarness 3 is designed to come in.


The brains of the BioHarness sensor itself, is a small puck, known as the BioModule. It can be combined with clothing or straps to give you a versatile fitness tracker that remains in contact with your chest at all times, giving you supremely accurate heart rate information. It can be taped into a chest trap, or attached as part of Kenisio taping, though you can add it to a loose fitting hoody or compression shirt to make it more comfortable for the wearer.

The BioModule uses bluetooth technology to send information to a companion smartphone, which can then be viewed by the athlete themselves, a personal trainer or coach. The app tracks information like speed, distance travelled, heart rate and more, giving a great break down of how the wearer is performing.

To make it easier for people other than the user to track it however, the range of the Biomodule is huge, reaching up to 1000ft. It doesn’t however work well underwater and only has a water resistance up to one metre, so it’s good for splashes or light showers only.

Battery life lasts for up to 26 hours per charge.


At the time of writing, the Bioharness isn’t available as individual product. However, developers Zephyr Anywhere offer it as part of a package to trainers and teams.


One of the major drawbacks of the Bioharness is that it’s a little outdated. Released in 2012, it’s got a lot of modern competition to go head to head with and while its placement still makes it quite unique, there are a lot of much more widely available fitness trackers that look into much more information.

Bottom line

The Bioharness looks like a great piece of kit for personal trainers or coaches, but for the individual, there’s plenty of much more detailed and longer lasting fitness trackers out there.