Circle Garage HIRIS review

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Many wearables are made to address a single issue or to track a certain part of our lives, but not everyone is interested in such bespoke products. In-fact, some, like Circle Garage believe that a much more catchall wearable is needed, which is why it’s created the HIRIS, a gesture controlled, wrist mounted device that it claims works with almost any application and can track plenty of information about the user.


The HIRIS works with a lot of different apps, whether they’re related to health, fitness, motion capture, gaming and a variety of others, including the official ones for products like GoPro, Spotify and Philips Hue lightbulbs. Users can interact with it through a small touch screen, or with hand gestures.

This lets users remotely activate things like action cameras, or to adjust the lighting in a room, launch songs or engage any of the functions of typical fitness tracking apps on their phone – all of which is done with a simple flick of the wrist or hand movement.

However HIRIS isn’t just a remote control, it can also remotely track fitness information on the user and can learn their habits over time. For example, if you repeatedly set the lighting and temperature in your home to a certain intensity, HIRIS will begin to do that automatically for you to save you the trouble.

“To us, HIRIS is more than a wellness companion, but a new key with the capability to help us manage tasks with simple gestures and commands,” said founder and inventor, Marco Gaudina.


At the time of writing you cannot buy a HIRIS, but if you were quick you might have been able to pre-order one as part of its recent IndieGoGo campaign. There the devices were give an early bird price of $164, or $195 for the those buying a retail version.


The main drawback of the HIRIS may be that it’s almost too forward thinking for a consumer product. While a lot of early adopters will like its advanced control features, there’s a lot of people that barely use these sorts of applications and products already, so restricting itself to a group that uses even more advanced functions of those will limit the marketplace.

Bottom Line

Even if the market is small though, the HIRIS is an exciting device that should give those that love their technology and adventures to come together, a brand new way to control them all without resorting to buttons and touch sensitive displays. When it’s released in October, it’s going to be one to watch.