Cuff smart jewellery review

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One of the hardest tasks a wearable developer faces, is how to make their wearable product look good and be functional at the same time. Some manufacturers have taken to focusing on one over the other, but Cuff has come up with a clever method to do both: it makes a piece of jewellery, that the sensor suite discretely slips into.


The Cuff itself, could be considered just the small, black sensor box that fits into the jewellery that the company also sells, however you only really have the Cuff product as it was intended, if you pick up at lease one of the fashion concious mounting options as well. There are a number of ones available, including bracelets, necklaces and bangles, letting you customise how you wear it, to your outfit and mood.

In terms of its actual function though, the Cuff is quite versatile. It offers simple notifications, vibrating if someone important is calling or texting you, letting you only check your phone if it’s actually necessary.

The vibrating function can also serve as a reminder if you move out of range of your smartphone, making sure you never leave the house without it.

There’s also some bundled safety functions, which mean if you’re ever in trouble you can press a hidden button and it will let those closest to you know that you need help. It will even send them your location and directions on how to get there so that they can arrive as quickly as possible.

There’s even basic fitness tracking metrics, like step counting, calorie counting and even the ability to compare what you’ve eaten with your daily activities.


The Cuff isn’t going to be available until mid-2015, but you can pre-order different packages right now. The basic single Cuff sensor with charger, is just $30. However, if you want it with a piece of jewellery, it’ll set you back $50. The full Style package, with everything is just shy of $200. Each piece of jewellery and the sensors though can be bought separately if you prefer.


The Cuff doesn’t really do anything that new and the fact that it’s not out till next year could mean the landscape is even more competitive than it is now, by the time it hits the market.

Bottom line

I actually really like the Cuff. I don’t think it’s really aimed at guys, but it’s attractive, affordable and bundles a lot of different wearable features together. One to watch for sure.