Disney MyMagic+ review

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While there may be a few hotel chains looking to utilise wearables as a way to ditch the age old room keys and card systems, Disney is looking to take things a step further with the introduction of its MyMagic+ wearable, designed specifically to make getting around and paying for things at Disneyland that much easier.


The MyMagic wrist band, produced by MagigBands, is a little NFC enabled device that acts as your park ticket(s), room key, reservation notification, FastPass (if you paid for it) and access to a number of other areas, all of which is linked to your account. You can order more than one for you and the family and they’ll arrive shortly before your trip if you book soon enough, or can be waiting for you when you arrive otherwise.

Each one is unique to the wearer, with a name, number and a cute little Mickey logo on each and every one. They are entirely free for visitors, though as TechnoBuffalo points out, there are some extra accessories that can be paid for to make them more interactive. Some react when you walk past certain attractions, or provide you audio cues for certain parts of the park if you perform specific gestures.

Since the bands arrive before your trip, you can use them for all different aspects of it, from getting your luggage checked by the Disney shuttle, to getting aboard yourself and checking in to your hotel room.

If you pre-book your food using your wrist band’s ID too, there are some restaurants at the resort which will have the food ready for you when you arrive, so you can literally seat yourselves and begin eating straight away. If you want any extras or drinks while there too, you can just wave the wrist band and it’s all tallied up on your bill.



Disney’s MyMagic+ bands are free if staying at a Disney resort, or $13 each for those that don’t.


While there are little drawbacks for Disney itself, consumers may not like how easy it is to pay for things when they see their bill at the end of the stay. On top of that, for those that don’t like to be tracked, know that the bands allow Disney to keep a close eye on your location at all times.

Bottom Line

Disney’s MyMagic+ bands seem like a fun idea for those that want convenience above everything else on their trip, but it’s worth bearing in mind that it perhaps makes it a bit too easy to splash out on just one more drink.