Duo Fertility review

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With wearables appearing to help people exercise, or sleep better, wearables to help them learn faster or remember things more easily, it’s no wonder that some company has come along and made a product that helps people get pregnant. Why not?


The Duo Fertility is a tracker that you wear against your skin, which constantly measures your temperature and other factors (over 20,000 times a day), in order to give you a precise idea of when the best day to attempt to conceive is. It doesn’t drop it on you either, giving as much as six days notice so you can plan ahead.

A handheld reader that comes with the sensor will give you information on your cycle and what your chances of getting pregnant at any given time are. Beyond that though, Duo Fertility comes with 24/7 support from the people behind it, letting you call them at any time of the day or night to find out information about the sensor or your own data.

In terms of numbers, Duo Fertility claims to have helped conceive over 900 babies so far.

Depending on the package you pick up too, there are some extras that you can look forward to. These include free pregnancy test kits, pre and post-natal advice, and pro-active alerts if there are any potential issues with your cycle.


The Duo Fertility is available through the developers in several different price points. The Lite version comes with the least number of extras and costs £249, plus another £50 monthly fee. Premium, which drops the fee and adds an initial review and expert advice after every cycle, would set you back £495, whilst the Deluxe version comes with the free test kits, a goody bag and a much heftier price tag, at £899.


Cost is certainly going to be something that many people consider with the Duo Fertility, though there are obviously several pricing options and it’s a lot cheaper than IVF treatment. It theoretically doesn’t do much that you can’t do yourself too, since it only really tracks temperature, but of course this way is more convenient.

Bottom Line

If the Duo Fertility helps women get pregnant that’s great, especially if it helps avoid costly and far-from guaranteed IVF. It seems like the kind of scheme that’s worth buying the middle ground option though, to avoid that potentially costly monthly fee.