Filip 2 smartwatch review

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Most wearables being put out into the marketplace at the moment, are designed to appeal to the tech early adopters and fitness enthusiasts, but that’s not the audience being targeted by everyone. Filip for example, is going after families, with the second version of its connected smartwatch system that’s designed to keep parents, children and siblings in touch with one another at the touch of a button.


Designed to appeal to children most of all, the Filip 2 comes in a number of different colourful options, including both the wristband and watch face-shell. There’s green, blue, orange and pink along with several other colour variants, so whatever your child prefers, there should be an option just for them.

In terms of function however, the Filip 2 adds voice calls, so that your child can pick one of five pre-designated people to get in touch with if needed. The other side of it is that the Filip can only receive calls from those numbers as well, so there’s no chance of your child being targeted by PPI reclaim nonsense or prank calls. Neither can them make them.

As a parent, if you ever want to know where your child is, a quick look at the companion smartphone app will let you know right away. Even with multiple Filip devices on multiple children, you’ll be able to see where they all are on the handy map tool.

If one of your Filip equipped children ever runs into danger or needs help in an emergency, they can press the red button on the watch for three seconds to send out an emergency notification, that lets the primary account holder know immediately via a voice call. If that person doesn’t pick up, the Filip 2 Smartwatch then makes its way through the other contacts until an appropriate adult is reached. Calls are also recorded. From that point on, until the emergency is cancelled, the Filip wearer’s location is updated every 60 seconds through the companion app.

To make sure your child doesn’t end up having an emergency however, you can set up multiple safe zones, which if your child leaves, you get a warning message.



The Filip 2 isn’t available as of yet, but it’s coming soon. The original Filip is still available for $99 a piece, though it isn’t quite as fully features


There aren’t many issues with the Filip 2. Really it will all come down to how much it costs when it’s made available.

Bottom Line

The Filip 2 looks like a great product for parents that want to keep an eye on their children from a distance. However, it will need to be priced competitively as it’s far from the only product set to offer these sorts of features.