Fitbug Orb review

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In surveys conducted among tech early adopters and fitness enthusiasts, one of the biggest concerns when buying a wearable to help them keep track of a few things, was cost. Sure many people wanted added health benefits, but getting the price as low as possible without compromising quality was the most requested “feature.” With that in mind, the Fitbug Orb is hoping to corner the market, by offering a clip-on tracker that offers everything the big boys do, but without the price tag.


Like many activity trackers, the Fitbug Orb is a versatile piece of kit. It has a built in accelerometer and gyroscope, so can count steps and track distance travelled, your overall pace, calories burned etc. It can also keep an eye on you while you’re asleep, counting the hours you’re comatose and giving you a rough idea of what the quality of sleep was like based on your movements during the night.

When these metrics are combined in the KiK application, you can set yourself personal goals, partner with other applications, gain feedback on your previous workouts and longer periods of time. All of the information is transmitted wirelessly over bluetooth 4, but you can also use a little bluetooth dongle to send the data to your PC or MAC as well.

One of the big features with the Orb though, is that you can wear it wherever you want. On your wrist or neck with a handy strap or chain, on your bag or chest with a simple clip mechanism. It really is up to you.

Battery life for the Orb is also solid, giving you up to 14 days usage without charging, though that does mean replacing the camera battery every two weeks.



At the time of writing, you can pick up a Fitbug Orb for just £50. Fitbug even goes out of its way to compare this to other fitness wearables like the Jawbone UP, Nike SE and others, showing them to often be at least twice as expensive.


The only real drawback with the Orb is the same sort of drawbacks that plague other fitness wearables, they only really track activities like walking and running. Someone needs to find a way to make a wearable that can track resistance training too. It also doesn’t have a screen, but that’s offset by the extended battery life.

Bottom Line

The Orb is a very well priced wearable and could easily take a bit bite out of the market simply because it’s a lot cheaper than the competition.