Gameband + Minecraft review

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Minecraft is a global sensation, there’s no escaping it. People have placed enough blocks to recreate cities, counties and even entire countries in some instances and the game has become a real hit as an educational and creativity enhancing tool for children around the world. What then are you to do when you go travelling and can’t take your game with you? The GameBand is your solution to that.


The Gameband is a wearable wrist strap that has the ability to play bundled games by simply plugging it into a USB port on a laptop or desktop. If you add the Minecraft module, you’ll be able to play Minecraft wherever you go. The connection is via USB 3.0 and can connect up to any Linux, Mac or Windows based machine. It stores the game files for the latest version of Minecraft, but doesn’t keep your saves onboard – all of those are stored in the cloud, so you will need some form of internet connection if you want to pick up where you left off.

The band also comes with an LED display on the exterior, which can be customised by the user. It can show the time, a personalised message or dot-matrix image.

The band itself looks like your average fitness band, with a small, pixellated block built into it to identify the game module you have loaded on it. It’s also splash proof and comes preloaded with content from some of the most well known Minecraft Youtubers.

Cost and availability

At the time of writing, you can purchase a Gameband + Minecraft for 100 euros (£73) + shipping. It comes in two sizes, small and large and they are in stock at a variety of retailers around the US, as well as purchasable online elsewhere.


Obviously when compared to most wearables, the Gameband + Minecraft is very limited and has one specific job that it’s capable of performing. It’s also quite expensive considering Minecraft itself is just £18 on the PC. Presumably you’ll need that and the wristband to make it all work.

Bottom Line

The Gameband is an interesting idea and considering how popular Minecraft is, there’s no wonder that the first module released for the wearable is for that particular title. I wish there were a few more features on it as it’s not exactly cheap at that price point, but it’s an interesting idea that could easily catch on, especially if you could carry multiple modules with you like a gaming charm bracelet.