Haloband review

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While wearables are making quite a splash in the lives of tech-early adopters, the hardware inside them often doesn’t quite have the oomf to deliver impressive function on its own. Fortunately then, we all tend to wander around with a veritable processing powerhouse in our pockets: the humble smartphone. This means that even a simplistic wearable can have a lot of functions, especially if augmenting your mobile handset is its main purpose, like the Haloband.


The Haloband is a colourful little silicon wristband that links up with your smartphone using Near Field Communication (NFC) to give you a number of new functions and ways to interact with it. For example, the Kickstarter video, which helped it reach more than three times its original goal earlier this year, shows a user tapping the band to turn on their phone’s torch in the event of a blackout, or broadcasting their location if there’s an emergency.

All of this is done by customising the Haloband for your own uses. There’s a pair of buttons on the band, which when touched by the phone, perform a function that you can customise in the bundled application. However these chips are simply detected by your phone and don’t require power, so there’s no internal battery in the Haloband, which keeps costs down and it doesn’t need to be charged either.

Part of the reason for developing the Haloband too, was to simplify a lot of functions for people, whether that’s to streamline the interface of just make it so that the handset is easier to use for those that find them complicated.

Other usage examples include taking a photo just by touching the wristband and then holding up the phone, or using it to confirm a guest list entry to a party by having pre-registered wristbands that are then scanned by your smartphone.


The Haloband is one of the cheapest wearables we’ve come across, with a pre-order price of just $35 (£21).


With the cost of the Haloband being so low, any potential problems with it are mitigated as even if it barely functions, it’s not a massive loss. However, what is worrying is that they were supposed to be released in July but there’s been no updates in the past few weeks. An update needs to be posted to give a new delivery estimation.

Bottom Line

I don’t think the developers are looking to scam anyone, but considering “pre-orders” are still up on the site and we’re over a month on from the projected delivery date, they could do with being a bit more forthcoming with their backers.