HereO kids GPS watch review

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The nightmare scenario for any parent is turning around and finding that their child has disappeared. Chances are they’ve just wandered off and gotten distracted by something, but the horror scenarios run through your mind any way. That’s where new wearable gadgets like HereO can come in handy.


The HereO is a simple, GPS watch system that gives children some basic time-telling functionality, whilst also enabling parents to look at their phone any time and see just where their child is.

HereO is a watch that’s designed to be appealing to children, while also having all the function that adults need to make it useful. It comes in bright colours, with an obvious and simple face design that has the time – and in some variants a pair of eyes – to help children learn how to tell the time. Inside though, is one of the world’s smallest GPS devices and enough battery power for up to 50 hours of continual usage without charging thanks to the use of an E-Ink display.

Using the HereO family app, parents can keep an eye on multiple children at once (providing they’re all wearing the HereO) and it can allow older children to get in touch with parents through the built in messenger.

A couple of added safety features are also included, so an alert is sent out to parents if the watch is tampered with, or if someone tries to remove it. It can also be shaken five times to trigger the same alert, so all a child has to do to let everyone that cares about them know that they’re in trouble, is to throw a tantrum.

It’s also water resistant, should someone happen to fall in a puddle.


The HereO watch is currently up for pre-order only and is set to ship in December this year. You can reserve your one now for $149 (£88).


The only real problem I can see with the HereO is that it’s very obvious what it is: not a normal watch. While I can see it being perfect for keeping track of children if they wander off or on a day to day basis, I’d be worried about those considering kidnapping the child, would know to remove it very quickly. It’d be good to see an option that looks far less conspicuous.

Bottom Line

The HereO seems like a tool that will put a lot of parents’ minds at ease. I know I wandered off from my parents as a kid and something like this this would have stopped them worrying quite so much.