ICEdot Crash Sensor review

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The best aspect of wearables, is that they make technology that bit more personal to us. That allows for all sorts of fitness tracking, but it also helps keep people safe, be it through an emergency bracelet, or something that can inform people if you were to have an accident. That’s what the ICEdot crash sensor is designed to do, giving people that care about you a heads up if you fall off your bike hard enough to do some damage.


The ICEdot is an impact sensor that mounts on the wearer’s helmet and is designed to detect if they have a severe accident. In the case of one that could potentially be debilitating or injury causing, it uses the companion application on your smartphone to send a message out to pre-designated contacts to let them know that you’re in trouble and need some assistance.

In the right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) situation, this could end up saving your life.

Of course while designed for cycling, the ICEdot actually works with any sort of sport that you wear a helmet for. It could be skiing, snowboarding, climbing or simply hiking somewhere that’s a little precarious. In any case, it doesn’t hurt to have people know where you are and if you need help.

The ICEdot comes complete with its own custom mounting sensor, so can be fitted to any number of different designs.

The companion App is compatible with iPhone 4S or newer handsets, or any Android smartphone running 4.3 or later.


The ICEdot crash sensor can be bought for $150 (£92) from the official website and comes with a helmet mount, USB micro charging cable and a year of premium ICEdot membership.


One obvious problem with the ICEdot is that it requires a subscription. You get a year free with purchasing the ICEdot, but it’s not clear how much additional years are. On top of that, I wonder if the ICEdot works if you were to impact a part of your body other than your head? A leg injury could potentially be far worse than a concussion when someone is out and about.

Bottom Line

The ICEdot seems like a good product to offer some piece of mind, but I think a more full body version will be necessary in the future to offer a more complete product. I’m also a little sad to see a subscription is necessary, since that’s not always he case with other emergency contact wearables.