i’m Watch review

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There’s nothing quite like a meta joke is there? Which is why if you get a chuckle out of such things, the i’m Watch could be the wearable for you, since it literally tells you it’s a watch in its name. Described as the first real smartwatch, the i’m Watch might be a little long in the tooth these days, having been released in those far gone days of 2013, but it could still stand up to today’s competition.


The i’m Watch is described as “what your smartphone was missing before,” bringing with it plenty of features to augment the smartphone usage experience. Compatible with the latest versions of Android, iOS and Blackberry, the i’m Watch brings you all the notifications and interactivity of your smartphone to your wrist. Using the built in touch screen you can manage your social networking, email and SMS messages, either by reading notifications and replying on your phone, or tapping away at the i’m Watch’s on-screen keyboard.

On top of that, there’s news to be read, weather to be updated, photos to view – the i’m Watch is designed to work just like your smartphone, but miniaturised and on your wrist. There’s also all of the i’market applications that can be downloaded to expand its functionality further.

Internally, the i’m Watch combines a modified version of an ARM chip known as the IMX233, with 128MB of RAM and a 4GB storage capacity. The TFT LCD display measures 1.54 inches across and has a resolution of 240×240 pixels.

If you don’t like the style of the basic i’m Watch, there’s several options, including one with a bright yellow wristband and a more subdued “tech collection,” version.




The i’m Watch comes in two ranges, the colourful (though you can have a black wrist band if you like) and much cheaper version, for £159. However if you want the Titanium banded “tech” version, you’ll have to shell out over three times as much, since it costs £549.


Cost is a major factor here when you look at the tech version. There seems to be no reason it should cost that much, even if it does have a titanium wristband. Beyond that, I’m not sure that smartwatches that don’t do much beyond what a normal smartphone can do are really going to catch on.

Bottom Line

While I think the idea of adding function to your wrist is an interesting one, I don’t think it’s sustainable long term unless it can operate independently from your phone or do something drastically different. As it stands, products like the i’m Watch just don’t stand out enough.