Jaybird Reign fitness band review

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Differentiating your company and your product from others doing similar things, is one of the biggest challenges of modern development in the technology field. Whether you’re producing a new graphics card, console or smartphone, getting the public to see you as something entirely different from what the competition is doing, is very difficult and the same is true in the wearable scene. That’s why Jaybird is going app-function heavy with its marketing, showing you that it compiles and analyses your data in entirely new ways.


While not out yet, and therefore not revealed in its entireity, the Jaybird does stand out from the crowd in a few interesting ways. For starters, the band which gathers the data, is designed to form fit to your wrist, regardless of size. It’s white too, which is far out of left field compared to the seemingly incessant black bands we’ve seen coming out of the likes of Nike and Fitbit. It’s not clear yet what the band is made of, but Jaybird says that it’ll have eight interchangeable options and “shapes to your wrist.”

The app though is where a lot of the exciting stuff happens. For example, it can detect different activities and separate them out so you can analyse them individually – something that would be perfect for those performing a variety of different exercises in one workout. You can then see yourself improving over time without having to manually enter information on sites like Fitocracy.

Based on these activity levels, you can then see how much sleep you’ll need. Yes, acting like your nagging mother, Jaybird’s Reign can then tell you that based on your exercise and hours spent awake, you need X number of hours and minutes in order to feel refreshed the next day. That means going to bed at a certain time, which it can also prompt you at.


If you’re starting to feel fatigued or distracted during the day, the Reign will also pipe up and encourage you to do something a little active in order to get the juices flowing again. We can’t promise that you won’t end up ignoring it or finding it irritating, but this could help get you feeling far more active during the day.


Jaybird recently announced that the Reign would cost $200 at launch, so probably around £150-160 here once taxes and postage are factored in.


With no demos of the technology out there at the moment, it’s hard to tell whether the Reign will really stand out when launched. Its marketing materials all make a big deal of what separates it from the pack, but unless the product backs up that image, it could find itself far from popular very quickly.

Bottom Line

The Reign has the potential to take wearable fitness trackers to the next level as a lot of its features look exciting. It’s also not priced too out of the range of possibility, though is a little more expensive than some of its older competitors. It’ll need to offer something special to really draw the attention it’ll need to succeed after launch later this year.