Kapture audio recorder review

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Has a friend or family member of yours ever said something so amazing, or so funny, or so quirky, that you just wished you had it recorded for posterity? If so, that’s exactly the type of mindset Kapture is hoping to appeal to, with its audio recording wrist band wearable, that lets you never miss another unique moment again.


Unlike a camera or smartphone, Kapture’s audio recording wristband is focused on sound only, but it’s one of those always-on devices, so is constantly recording to and re-recording the last minute of noise that its omnidirectional microphone picked up. If at any time you decide that the last few seconds (up to 60) were just gold, a little tap on the device’s single button will send that clip to your smartphone for posterity. From there, you can add a photo, or a title and description and really personalise the moment, storing it either locally or sharing with friends.

When a clip is sent to the app, you can play around with it and trim it down to just the sound bite, or leave in more context if you like. If it’s a bit quiet, you can boost it up and play around with it to find the perfect recording that you can then save forever as a reminder of that moment. If you don’t have a smartphone handy, the Kapture itself can store 25 seconds of audio, so there’s still the potential for saving something great.

The Kapture attaches to your wrist, like a lot of wearables, but this one is fully customisable, with different colour options for the strap and the microphone, meaning you can fine tune the look of the Kapture as much as you like.

With an always-on device, there is some concern about privacy, so the Kapture also as a hard-off button, so that you know whatever is being said when it’s off, isn’t going anywhere.


At this moment, you can pre-order the Kapture wristband or “klip-on” for $99 (£59), though the final retail price will be $150 (£90).


I’m a little wary of privacy concerns with the Kapture, even though the developers are keen to point out that they take it seriously. I’d be wary that buried somewhere in a terms and conditions I’d find that the app uploaded clips to central servers somehow. This also seems like a function that could be built into the average smartwatch for not much extra cost.

Bottom Line

If I owned a Kapture, I don’t think I’d end up using it to record memories or funny happen-stances, but more when I’m reminded to do something or given an instruction – it would be a great way to check on them if they slip my mind, meaning I don’t have to write them down.