Kiroco Touch jewellery review

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One of the biggest request from those that are aware of wearables, but not particularly interested in buying them, is that they want them to look more like jewellery. Taking that idea and running with it, Kiroco has made a wearable that doesn’t just look like jewellery, it is jewellery, with an added wearable twist.


Utilising Near Field Communication (NFC) to get in touch with smartphones, the Kiroco line of pendants, bracelets and necklaces is able to store a unique message on each one, allowing you to buy a piece of wearable jewellery for a friend and then encode a message and image or video in it, that’s only viewable when held up to a compatible smartphone. This makes Kiroco jewellery like a little digital locket which will store that information forever.

However it doesn’t stop at just one message, the buyer can continue to send messages, images and video to the jewellery, so even after its been bought and given to a loved one, you can update it with new messages and feelings, making it a very personal and unique messaging platform.

While the first message requires a little bit of set up to receive, with ongoing communications all you have to do is touch the jewellery to your phone when you receive a notification and it will automatically show you the message.


The range of Kiroco products is already pretty impressive. You can spend anywhere from £20 on a simple brown leather bracelet with a small “K” pendant on it, to as much as £130 on enamel orbs featuring the same messaging technology. New, cheaper alternatives are coming soon too, offering the same messaging functionality in a brightly coloured silicon wristband for just £7.50.


Perhaps the biggest drawback with the Kiroco is also it’s biggest strength. By limiting itself to a single function – as well as being a fashion item – costs are down and it’s clear what it’s designed to do. However, it is obviously very limited in its scope and doesn’t allow for any of the much more versatile uses that we’ve seen from other wearables.

Bottom Line

I really, really like the look of the Kiiroco Touch. It’s a very simple product which means it’s nice and affordable and you know exactly what it’s for. People can wear it as a standard piece of jewellery but it has a nice added function that does something no standard jewellery can do, whilst remaining totally “wearable.”