Kreyos smartwatch review – Updated

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Smartwatches are the jack-of-all tradesmen of this stage in the wearable market’s maturation. They offer functions that can be found in a number of other wearables, all bundled into one package. With that said, it can be a bit difficult to stand out from the crowd. The Kreyos is hoping to do just that though, by packing a number of unique features into its design, including gesture and voice control.

We first looked at the Kreyos back in July, but already opinion of its abilities is starting to change.


The Kreyos is a device that promised a lot in its crowd funding campaign an continues to do so on its official site. These include, fitness tracking, the ability to take and make calls without reaching for your phone, compatibility with Android, iOS and Windows 8, the option to send and receive text messages straight to the device, as well as real time social media notifications.

All of this made even easier, thanks to gesture and voice controls, something that very few devices have done right just yet.

The Kreyos is marketed as having a sensitive and quality, waterproof microphone, meaning you can swim around with your Kreyos on and then take a call if needed, without risking damaging your new piece of wearable kit. It’s actually waterproof up to a depth of five metres, and should be able to withstand pressure drops all the way up to 9,144 metres above sea level.

The activity tracking functions include calorie counting, pedometer step tracking and location data that can calculate distance travelled, pace, average per-mile time etc.

It’s a pretty fancy looking piece of kit too, with a number of different colour options.


At the time of writing the Kreyos is listed as $169.95, with colour options costing just $15 more. However, they’re all out of stock at the moment, with no word on when more may come in.


Unfortunatly, while the Kreyos promises a lot, in the real world its abilities are said to be somewhat exagerrated. For example, its pedometer is rendered practically useless, because its built in motors for vibration alerts triggers it. Similarly it doesn’t feature gesture controls as stated in the original campaign. Battery life, suggested to be as long as a week, barely breaks the 24 hour barrier and some users are even reporting that the smartwatch can’t tell time unless connected to your phone via bluetooth.

Bottom Line

It sounds like the Kreyos is unfortunately, just another kickstarter failure with the developers biting off more than they could chew. Here’s hoping those that want a refund are able to get one.