LeapBand review

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There’s plenty of activity trackers available to the discerning wearable customer. Nike Fuel Bands are still kicking around, and Fitbit has one, along with Samsung and many others, but they’re all geared towards adults that want to do dull things like run or swim, what about kids and those that want to do something a bit more fun? That’s where the Leap Band comes in.


The Leap Band is a wrist based activity tracker designed with children in mind, so the physical challenges are much more fun orientated. Each activity is turned into a game, whether the children are competing with their on-screen pet, or just listening to audio challenges. Whatever they do, they earn points, which unlocks more games and challenges. It’s all the addiction of an adult mobile game with the added bonus that it gets your kids moving.

When they first get their LeapBand, children can pick and customise a pet to play with. That pet will get them moving and doing fun exercises, whilst also teaching them about healthy eating, getting enough rest and keeping active. Children will need to look after their pet though, like a contemporary tamagotchi, feeding it and washing it as needed.

The device is designed to be hard wearing, with a tough exterior and strong buttons to prevent damage in the case of an accident. It has a rechargeable battery so there’s no AAAs to worry about and is water resistant, so falling into a puddle doesn’t ruin your kid’s new toy.

Don’t worry about your child over-playing during school hours though, as you can set it to only be usable during hours you decide upon.


At the moment the LeapBand isn’t available to buy or pre-order, so we don’t have a price for it unfortunately.


Pricing will need to be right for the LeapBand to take off. Anything over £75 is unlikely to get much traction as it’s simply too much money to put on the risk of a child that’s going to be jumping around and potentially banging in to things and breaking it. It’s a missed opportunity not to add voice call functionality too, as being able to get in touch with your kid in an emergency, or vice versa, is very important.

Bottom Line

The LeapBand seems like a good product, but we’ll need to wait until we see pricing to give it a final verdict. As it stands, it seems like an interesting piece of kit and a good idea, but it that will depend on if it’s cost effective.