LifeBEAM hat review

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Measuring fitness metrics on your wrist or around your neck is old ‘hat’ right? What about other forms of clothing that could do the same job, only better? That’s where the LifeBEAM hat comes in handy, giving you shade from the sun, whilst tracking all of those useful metrics you can use to help make your training that much more effective.


The LifeBEAM hat comes equipped with sensors that are able to track simple metrics like your heart rate, steps taken, calories burned and your cadence, thereby giving you important feedback on your workout, all thanks to an optical sensor and gryoscope. The sensor accurately tracks your heart rate to what the developers describe as an “aerospace level of accuracy. The same goes for the calories burned and steps taken measurements.

While understandably, there’s no built in display with the LifeBEAM, it does have a sound and light interface to give you certain notifications. However for a full break down of your statistics, you’ll need to use the companion application, which should be compatible with all handsets that support bluetooth 4.0 low energy.

The hat itself, is produced in a professional, dri-fit design, making it useful in all weather types – even if running in the rain is rarely fun. It also comes in two colour options, white and black and comes with free shipping if you’re ordering from within the United States.

It also comes with a carbon carry case.



The LifeBEAM currently costs $89.99 (£56) for either the White or Black version and comes with free US shipping. However delivery time is a bit slow at 14 days.


The most obvious problem with the LifeBEAM is its main selling point: it’s in a hat. Wrist mounted wearables look like watches or accessories, but not everyone likes wearing baseball caps. Similarly, the LifeBEAM doesn’t really track anything that other fitness trackers don’t, though it does do things a little cheaper than most.

The lack of colours of design options also seems a bit of a shame. Wrist mounted wearables don’t have much room to work with and even they often give you several different bright colour options. With a piece of clothing like a cap there’s potential for so much more style options, but here there’s only white and black.

Bottom Line

While the price is certainly attractive, other fitness wearables have a lot more style and function than the LiveBEAM, making it hard to recommend unless you particularly like the cap it comes wrapped in.