MEMI smart bracelet review

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There’s a lot of reasons certain products sell better than others. They might offer the same features as their competitors, but at a better price, or they might have advanced functions not available elsewhere, or sometimes they just do a basic job very well instead of trying to be a jack of all trades. Often though it’s a combination of these things and looking good at the same time never hurts. That’s where the MEMI comes in: an iPhone smart barcelet with basic function, that fits in well with contemporary fashion.


The MEMI has one simple smart purpose and that is to let you know when you have an important phone call, text message or calendar alert. That’s it. This is no smartwatch or fitness tracker, there’s no sensors or predictive analytical technologies, just a simple bluetooth connection to your phone and a a motor to vibrate with.

If it’s that simple then? What’s the draw of the MEMI? It’s because it’s designed to be worn like a piece of jewellery, adding function to something that is traditionally only for show.

When it vibrates, you’ll know what it means too, as there’s three distinct types: one for calls, one for texts and one for calendar alerts. If you are at an important event anyway though, you may want to just tap the discrete side button to turn the MeMi off. If you want to just halt the vibrations from an incoming call, you can double tap the top with your finger.

The MeMi is compatible with all iOS handsets from the 4S and upwards, although unfortunately it isn’t compatible with Android, Blackberry or Windows phones just yet. It also has a long battery life, lasting for upwards of five days on a single charge and can be charged back to maximum in just a few hours.


At the time of writing, you can pre-order the MeMi for $150 (£90), with estimates for release putting it at around Spring next year. International shipping will set you back a further $15.


It feels like the MeMi might be a bit expensive for what it is, even if it is a very fetching design for a simple product. The hard part will be convincing people that this is something they need, as as good as it looks, it needs to have its function appreciated before it will see any major uptake.

Bottom Line

I quite like the MeMi. It’s not a product I would wear personally – I don’t think I’m the target audience – but the developers have made a product that’s clear and simple and does its job well. If it can find an audience, I think they’ll be receptive to it, even at a price that’s more than other simple wearables.