Misfit Bolt LED bulb review

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One of the new startup successes in the wearable game other than the iconic Kickstarter giant, Pebble, is Misfit. With the Shine and eventually its Flash and Beddit tracking devices, the little technological developer has made a few popular products and has ended up making quite a big splash in the world of wearables. Now though it’s expanding its range of products with a new lightbulb called the Bolt, that can be turned on and off with bluetooth.


The Bolt is quite a different looking lightbulb from the old incandescent or even slightly newer energy saving bulbs you have in your house. It features a chunky head, with an opaque white coating, with a black, ridged structure for the bottom half. Inside, the Bolt uses LEDs with RGB colour functionality, so picking and choosing any sort of light show is possible with the touch of your smartphone, as indeed, all of the bulb’s controls can be found there.

However, if you don’t want to use the bundled smartphone application, you can also use a Misfit Shine wearable if you have one. Whichever you choose though, you can customise the brightness, colour tone and frequency of the Bolt’s light output, letting you display a flashing light show if you like, or a steady, flickering red light to emulate a fireplace – whatever you desire. Thanks to its 260 degree light-dispersion top too, the Bolt has no bright or dead spots and provides a uniform lighting around a room.

It can even be used in conjunction with a smart alarm system, to begin turning on sunlight-like light when you’re close to waking, making it easier to get up in the morning.



At the time of writing, you can purchase the Bolt only through American sites like Amazon.com, with a price tag of $50, (£33).


The fact that availability isn’t great isn’t a good start for the Bolt. It’s also a lot more expensive than your average bulb, so it’s questionable whether it will last long enough to make you back your money in savings on energy.

Bottom Line

Although it’s difficult to imagine buying enough Bolt’s to fill your house and therefore have a fully customised household lighting set up, it’s a nice idea for those with a bit of money to spend that like their tech to be interactive. The Bolt could be fun for a while and perhaps a nice addition to a bedroom, but I don’t see it being a big seller.