Misfit Shine is Not Your Average Exercise Tracker

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It’s no secret that exercise and fitness trackers are one of the most popular forms of wearable technology. In terms of widespread usage, these types of devices are neck and neck with smartwatches in terms of widespread usage, and as such there are a huge range of companies who are eager to release their own take on the device, and begin carving out a niche in a rapidly expanding marketplace. The consequence of this is that many of the newer products that have hit the marketplace tend to be somewhat derivative of bigger players like the FitBit and the Nike FuelBand. However, all this means that when a fresh take on a familiar device comes around, it really makes something of a statement—and that’s exactly the case with the Misfit Shine.

Like many wearable devices developed by a relatively small company, the Misfit Shine had its beginnings in a crowdfunding campaign. In late 2012, a month long campaign on IndieGogo was intended to raise $100,000 USD for the team to continue the development of the device in order for it reach full production—this goal was handily surpassed, with the eventual proceeds from the campaign reaching an excess of $800,000. Whilst this enormous response was, for one, a resounding confirmation that the product was something that the general public would be very interested in, the influx of cash meant that the the Misfit team could refine the device into something that would go from strength to strength once it was released into the wild in a competitive marketplace. The end product of that hard work, split between a team in San Francisco and a team based in Vietnam, is the Misfit Shine.

Most exercise trackers have a fairly standard look and feel; they’re typically worn much like you would a watch—in some cases, being integrated into a smartwatch entirely—and they adopt most of the same design aesthetics as a piece of sports equipment, albeit one that is technologically advanced. That sort of device is great for someone who is looking to track their runs, or anyone who is specifically wanting to track their movements when they are exercising. However, as fitness trackers have become more commonplace, the very way that people use these devices has changed dramatically. They are no longer merely used whilst people are actually playing sport or exercising heavily; more and more people are interested in their movement throughout the day, not just when they are specifically engaging in their exercise. This calls for a fitness tracker that you can where no matter where you are, and no matter what you’re doing—and that’s exactly what’s on offer in the Misfit Shine.


The Shine itself is a small metal disc which clips onto your clothing or your shoes, wherever is most comfortable for you. It’s available in a wide range of colours, with the shared quality of every single design being that they are very discreet and tasteful. This is a piece of electronics that hides in plain sight, there’s nothing about it at all that would suggest that it’s something technological in any way. It’s just a small, metallic round that will easily blend in to any outfit that you would want it to. Or, if you do want to use it more like a conventional fitness tracker, there’s a sports band accessory that will put it more in line with what you might expect from such a device, albeit one that’s far more aesthetically pleasing that the majority of its competitors.

From here, it’s rather simple. After you’ve set up your own personal daily goals for how much exercise you want to do, the Shine will track your progress towards these goals as long as you are wearing it. To check how your day is going, you simply need to tap the body of the device, and a halo of lights will illuminate round its edge. When the device is lit up all the way round, then you’ll know that you’ve filled your quota for that day. It really couldn’t be any simpler—but if you’re wanting some more in-depth feedback, then of course you’ll be granted full access to it by syncing it with your smartphone or other compatible device. Even this process has been designed with the explicit intention of it being simple and easy; just touch the Shine against the screen of your device and the two will share their information. It’s crucial to the success of this type of device that these functions are very simple to use. It’s all to easy to get into bad habits if you’re faced with a complex or long-winded process to get your hands on the sort of information that you’re using the device to get hold of. Making things so uncomplicated makes it more likely that the user will use the Shine, and continue doing so in their day to day life, and it’s sure to help you reach your fitness goals if the device you’re using to track your progress towards them makes things as streamlined as possible.

Clearly, one of the major selling points of the Misfit Shine is the fact that you can wear it with any outfit you choose and it won’t look out of place. The tasteful range of colour options will offer something to match the palette of anyone’s wardrobe—but the designers haven’t stopped there. The recently released Bloom Necklace purports to be ‘the most beautiful way to wear your Shine’, and it’s certainly very hard to disagree with that. In fact, you’re be lucky to find any piece of wearable technology that has quite the visual appeal of the Bloom, it’s a real marvel considering what the device can do for you, as well as looking great.

The Misfit Shine offers something very different to most fitness trackers on the market, and if you’re looking for such a device that won’t interfere with your day-to-day, there’s little else on the market that can offer quite as much as the Shine can. Prices for the Shine begin at $99.99 USD, with extra accessories available separately, and other models of the device also on offer. You can order the Shine in a variety of colour variants, including Storm, Champagne, Topaz and Coral, directly from its manufacturers via their official web store.