Moov fitness tracker review

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A key point of what the world considers fitness trackers is that we refer to them as such. But traditional personal trainers have been able to offer us a lot more than just telling us how long we ran for or how far we travelled and that’s what the Moov fitness wearable is designed to do, offering not only a report and live tracking of what activity you’re taking part in, but a personal coach that also tells you how to improve while you’re doing it.


The Moov comes with many of the abilities of more commonly owned fitness trackers, able to keep an eye on things like steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled etc. It’s also waterproof and can track upper body movements like pull ups and punches too, so can be used for a number of different sports, not just running.

However, it’s in the coaching that the Moov really comes into its own. While you’re running, it tracks your gait and might suggest for you to speed up or slow down depending on your goals. It might even give you a heads up to lengthen your stride to make your running move efficient. Because it’s able to track posture and steps much more accurately than other trackers, it can also warn you of your footfalls or punches getting too heavy, which could lead to injury. In those instances, a simple audio cue will suggest that you let up a little.

While not quite the same as a personal trainer encouraging you every step of the way, the Moov does try to get you pumped up for a workout, giving you suggestions of workout pace and routine before, during and after. There’s also the standard report system that a low of other fitness trackers use and leaderboards and achievements that you can compete on and for with friends.


At the time of writing, the Moove is available for $90 (£60) each, or $138 for a two pack option. This is heavily discounted from its full retail price of $120 per unit.


While the Moov seems pretty comprehensive, I wonder if the Bonzi Buddy-like voice might get annoying over time. Also, while the device is pretty versatile, it may be coming to the market quite late as it seems pretty similar to other fitness trackers like the Misfit shine.

Bottom Line

Although not really that different from what’s out there at the moment, the combination of its comprehensive tracking and personal trainer features should make the Moove stand out enough to do well. It’s not too expensive either, so the creators could be on to a winner.